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Archeological research establishes prehistoric man in the Irvine area at least 12,000 years ago, possibly even 18,000 years ago. Scattered evidence of early campsites and rock shelters can be seen in the undeveloped parts of the city.

Gabrielino Indians moved into the Irvine area 2,000 years ago, establishing dozens of villages. One village was located near the present San Joaquin marsh and another near the San Joaquin golf course.

The Gabrielinos were of the Shosonean language group. They enjoyed an abundant food supply of shellfish, waterfowl and land animals. They lived in round, woven huts and were excellent basket weavers and makers of seashell and stone jewelry.

During World War I, agriculture had intensified, and by 1918, some 60,000 acres of lima beans were grown on the Irvine Ranch. During World War II, two Marine Corps air facilities were built on land sold to the government by The Irvine Company.

James Irvine, Jr. died in 1947 at the age of 80. Presidency of the company fell to his son Myford, who began opening small sections of the ranch to urban development. Myford died in 1959.

In 1959, the University of California asked The Irvine Company for 1,000 acres for a new campus. The Irvine Company agreed, and the State accepted the land and purchased an additional 500 acres. The University’s consulting architect, William Pereira, and Irvine Company planners drew up master plans for a city of 50,000 people surrounding the university. The area would include industrial zones, residential and recreational areas, commercial centers and greenbelts. The Irvine Industrial Complex West (now known as The Irvine Business Complex) opened and the villages of Turtle Rock, University Park, Culverdale, the Ranch and Walnut were completed by 1970.

On December 28, 1971, the residents of these communities voted to incorporate a substantially larger city than that envisioned by the original Pereira plan in order to control the future of the area and protect its tax base.

By January 1999, the City of Irvine had a population of 134,000 and a total area of 43 square miles. Future plans, however, call for a population of over 200,000 on 46.7 square miles by the year 2020.

Thirty years ago, the City of Irvine was still in its infancy. Today, Irvine has grown into what many describe as a “total destination,” a community boasting state-of-the-art transportation programs and systems, an enterprising business environment, stellar educational institutions and a team-like lifestyle.

Irvine’s noteworthy, present-day status didn’t evolve from happenstance. It’s the outcome of mastermind planners, and those engaged to institute the plan. Each day, the Irvine City leaders and staff work diligently to ensure a quality environment for the City’s future.

Using the City’s Strategic Business Plan and the General Plan, the Irvine City Council makes decisions, based on fiscal limitations, that will:

  • Maintain and enhance Irvine’s physical environment that will prevent community deterioration
  • Secure a safe community by assuring the right balance between public safety services and prevention strategies
  • Encourage economic prosperity by attracting and retaining businesses and sales tax
  • Promote effective government by assuring that the City organization is flexible, market-based and customer focused in its service delivery

For 40 years, residents and businesses have been choosing the City of Irvine because of its dedication to maintaining its reputation as one of the safest, master-planned, business-friendly communities in the country. This dedication makes Irvine the strong community it is today, and what it will be for generations to come.

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